PHINMA’s sustainability strategy is crucial in ensuring that we are able to protect key resource systems and continue providing for future generations. Guided by our triple bottom line commitment to a sustainable future, PHINMA will prosper for generations to come.

Making Lives Better for our PEOPLE
Our business operations impact our internal stakeholders and adjacent communities, and as a result, we aim to promote inclusive growth to maximize the potential of our people.

Making Lives Better for the PLANET
We are aware of stakeholders’ concern of having a strategic plan to minimize the environmental impact of our business operations. With this, we remain steadfast in our accountability to the environment and in creating measures to leave a positive impact in areas where we operate.

Making Lives Better for PROGRESS
We are cognizant that our stakeholders want to understand our strategies in allocating financial resources for sustainable investments, and embedding integrity, empathy and good corporate governance to support the progress of our nation.