PHINMA Corporation focuses on a 3-tier bottom line, assessing our impact from the perspective of People, Planet, and Profit. PHINMA’s sustainability strategy recognizes the Company as a good corporate citizen must focus on and measure its impact not just in terms of profits, but in other areas including the economy, society, and the environment, in order to sustainably continue its mission of making lives better today and for future generations. Guided by our triple bottom line commitment to a sustainable future, PHINMA hopes to prosper and pursue its mission for many more generations to come.

Making Lives Better for our PEOPLE

Our business operations directly impact our employees, stakeholders, and adjacent communities and also trickle down to society where we hope to promote inclusive growth to maximize the potential of our people.

Making Lives Better for the PLANET

We recognize in order to sustainably continue our mission to benefit future generations we must minimize any adverse environmental impact of our business operations.

Making Lives Better for PROGRESS

We recognize that integrity, empathy and good corporate governance are essential elements in employing business as an avenue for inclusive development and we allocate financial resources for appropriate sustainable investments to support the progress of our nation.