• PHINMA Education-managed Horizon University Indonesia's first school in Karawang, West Java attains full university status.

• UGC celebrates its 60th year, marked with major strides in its Light Steel Frames and Insulated Panels divisions.

• Philcement concludes talks with Petra Cement for a strategic partnership in producing cement for Northern Mindanao.

• PHINMA Properties launches PHINMA Maayo Tugbok Davao City, its first horizontal housing project in Mindanao.

• PHINMA Properties reactivates its economic and socialized housing segment to address the country's growing housing backlog.


• PHINMA Education Holdings, Inc. acquires Union College of Laguna (UCL), the second in PHINMA Education’s Laguna network


• PHINMA Corporation through its subsidiary Philcement Corporation (Philcement) launched its first state of the art cement facility at the Freeport Area of Bataan in Mariveles, Bataan.

• PHINMA, through PHINMA Education Holdings, Inc., enters the Laguna Market with the acquisition of Rizal College of Laguna, Inc.




• PHINMA Education welcomes Kaizenvest, a leading education focused private equity fund in Emerging Asia; FMO, a Dutch entrepreneurial development bank; and Asian Development Bank (ADB) in a ₱1.875-billion partnership to support the acquisition and operation of schools in strategic urban areas.

• PHINMA Education Holdings, Inc. acquires Republican College which is located in Cubao, Quezon City.

• PHINMA Education partnered with Yayasan Triputra Persada Horizon Education to manage a network of schools in Indonesia through the subsidiary, PT Ind Phil Management (IPM).

• PHINMA and AC Energy inked a mutually strategic agreement for AC Energy to acquire PHINMA’s combined 51.48% stake in PHINMA Energy Corporation, allowing PHINMA to focus on our rapidly expanding investments and operations in the education and construction materials sectors.

• PHINMA’s vehicle to return to the cement industry, Philcement Corporation (Philcement), posted significant revenues expected to accelerate further with the upcoming commissioning of its cement processing terminal as well as the takeover of pier facilities and land in Mariveles, Bataan.


• Fuld and Company (Philippines), Inc. changed its corporate name to Integrative Competitive Intelligence Asia, Inc. (ICI Asia), and in the process, changed its direction to be more responsive to the needs of various clients that now include government, donor agencies, corporate and non-profit organizations.

• Through PHINMA Education Holdings Inc., PHINMA acquired a 95.58% controlling ownership stake of St. Jude College Manila (SJCM) making it the sixth school in its education network.


• PHINMA Southwestern University was acquired and its affiliate, Sacred Heart Hospital, became Southwestern University Medical Center (SWU Med).

• PHINMA University of Pangasinan opened its campus to students in Urdaneta City and other eastern towns.

• PHINMA Education Holdings, Inc. (PEHI) was officially established. It now holds all all PHINMA Education institutions.


• Trans-Asia Oil and Energy Development Corporation was renamed PHINMA Energy Corporation (PHEN).

• PHINMA Education opened PHINMA Training Center (PTC) in Yangon in partnership with Victoria Hospital, one of Myanmar’s leading private hospitals.


• PHINMA Properties has also been active in constructing Socialized Housing projects. The projects are framed by an inclusive Business Model and intended for Informal Settler Families community in Brgy. Kaligayahan, Quezon City and Bacoor, Cavite City. The success of these projects made it possible for the company to be inducted in the United Nations Business Call to Action Forum in New York in September.

• PHINMA Araullo University opened its South Campus to cater to students in the southern part of Nueva Ecija.


PHINMA Properties launched its first mid-rise condominium development in Davao City that caters to middle-income earners in Mindanao.


• PHINMA Properties launched affordable mid-rise condominiums in Muntinlupa, Pasig City, and Quezon City.

• PHINMA Cagayan de Oro College opened its second campus in Barangay Puerto, Cagayan de Oro.


• PHINMA Corporation acquired an 85% interest in Fuld & Company, Inc., a business research and consulting firm focusing on business and competitive intelligence. PHN also acquired a 100% interest in Business Back Office, Inc. - Global Business Research Support (BBI), a Philippine knowledge process outsourcing firm.

• PHINMA Properties developed its flagship project - Asia Enclaves Alabang located along West Service Road, Muntinlupa that caters to the upper mid-income earners.


To align it with the name of its parent company, Bacnotan Consolidated Industries Inc. was renamed PHINMA Corporation (PHN).




BCII furthered its commitment to the education sector. With the company’s partners, the Victory Liner and the Five Star transport groups, BCII acquired University of Pangasinan, Inc. in Dagupan City and the University of Iloilo.


• BCII, through One Animate Limited, invested in Toon City Animation, Inc., its first foray into business process outsourcing. Toon City is an award-winning animation studio providing 2D, Flash and 3D computer-generated imagery (CGI) animation services.

• In line with its mission to make lives better, PHINMA is committed to providing opportunities for its employees to join in nation-building. PHINMA does this through the volunteer arm, PHINMA HERO that seeks to inspire, equip, and mobilize PHINMA employees to make life better through volunteering and giving.

The PHINMA HERO is the employee engagement program of PHINMA founded in 2008, through the vision of PHINMA’s founder, the late Ambassador Ramon V. Del Rosario.

Volunteer endeavors are done with company-led CSR programs or through schools, nonprofit institutions, and adopted beneficiaries. PHINMA HERO provides activities that cater to different advocacies.


PHINMA Cagayan de Oro College was acquired to make quality education accessible to students from all walks of life in Mindanao, especially Misamis Oriental, Camiguin, and Bukidnon.


• As part of a five-university network goal, BCII, together with PHINMA, acquired Cagayan de Oro College, Inc.

• PHINMA Property Holdings Corp. became a leader in affordable medium-rise housing in Metro Manila with more than 4,000 condo units.

• PHINMA Foundation Inc. (PFI) prioritizes support for education programs, while also supporting projects that aim to preserve our culture, promote our values and spirituality, and protect the environment. The flagship program of the Foundation is the PHINMA National Scholarship (PNS), which was established in 2006 when the Company celebrated its 50th anniversary. By providing scholarship, mentorship, and leadership opportunities for the youth, PNS commits itself to nation-building by forming the next generation of leaders. Currently, the program has granted over 200 scholarships and has produced over 100 professionals in the fields of education, engineering, and accountancy.


• BCII and ACC sold their investment in the cement business to Holderbank (now Holcim). This marked the end of more than four decades of industrial primacy and the beginning of a new journey into the services sector.

• PHINMA and BCII acquired a controlling interest in Araullo University, its maiden investment in the Education sector.


Siam Pulp and Paper Company, PHINMA's strategic partner in the paper business, infused new equity into United Pulp and Paper Company and bought out the interest of BCII.


The company and its subsidiaries and affiliates, moved into the new PHINMA Plaza in Rockwell Center, Makati.


• The three cement companies under UCHC merged into Union Cement Corporation, with the objective of integrating and improving coordination among the plants.

• PHINMA Properties developed several communities in Quezon City and Paranaque.




United Pulp and Paper Company, Inc. inaugurated its second paper mill amounting to P6 Billion, making it the biggest and most advanced paper manufacturing facility in the Philippines. This was a joint venture project between PHINMA and Thailand's Siam Cement Group, the largest industrial conglomerate in Thailand.


• Trans-Asia Power Generation Corporation, the joint venture project of Trans-Asia Oil and Hi-Cement Corporation, commissioned its 52 MW power plant in Bulacan.

• BCII and Atlas Cement Corporation (ACC) transferred all of its cement shares to a newly formed company, Union Cement Holdings Corporation, and entered into a strategic partnership with the Switzerland-based international cement group, Holderbank, then the world’s largest.


PHINMA Properties shift from horizontal suburban developments to vertical urban housing. PHINMA Properties adopted the use of the Tunnel Form System, which allowed it to build fast and inexpensive.


PHINMA Properties began shifting its focus on the low-income housing sector, building 489 units in the Laguna and Cavite area namely Villa Elisa and Villa Milagrosa.




• Through the efforts of Mr. Ramon del Rosario, Jr., BCII and PHINMA partnered with A. Soriano Co. and Benguet Corporation to transform Anscor Capital Corp. and launch the Asian Savings Bank, later named Asian Bank into a commercial banking institution.

• The PHINMA Foundation, Inc. (PFI) was established on June 23, 1989. PFI is one with the PHINMA Group in its mission to make lives better by effectively harnessing PHINMA’s resources to create a culture of service to the community and to provide opportunities for Filipinos to access the essentials of a dignified life.


• PHINMA Realty Corporation and FCI Development Corp merged into a new company: PHINMA Property Holdings Corporation (PPHC), which initially focused on property management and eventually evolved to become a leading developer of low-cost, medium-rise housing projects.

• PHINMA Property Holdings Corporation was officially established to address the housing needs of its rapidly growing executive base with such upscale townhouse projects as Mariposa Square and Mariposa Villas.



BCII and its affiliates ventured into the paper and packaging business with the United Pulp and Paper Company (UPPC) in Calumpit, Bulacan. The plant initially produced sack Kraft paper, for use in the cement packaging business. UPPC continuously upgraded their production capacity, introduced new paper product lines, and increased revenues significantly.




Trans-Asia Oil and Mineral Company was formed to undergo exploration in the northwest seas of Palawan. Success in this endeavor snowballed into other energy projects such as coal mining, and energy generation.

On October 24, 1969, Bacnotan Cement Industries, Inc. was renamed Bacnotan Consolidated Industries, Inc.


The company ventured into the manufacture of galvanized iron (GI) sheets, with its first steel plant in Poro Point, La Union. This spawned a galvanizing company known as Bacnotan Steel Corporation (now Union Galvasteel Corporation).



August 15, 1958

The company was listed in the Philippine Stock Exchange.

May 11, 1957

Under the leadership of Philippine Investment Management Consultants (PHINMA), Inc., BCII purchased the cement plant of the Cebu Portland Cement Company located in Bacnotan, La Union.

BCII, together with its subsidiary-sister plants (Central Cement Corp., Davao Union Cement Corp. and Hi Cement Corp.), became the foremost producer of cement in the Philippines under the brand name Union Cement.

March 12, 1957

Bacnotan Cement Industries, Inc. (BCII) is granted its corporate charter by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

November 19, 1956

PHINMA (Philippine Investment Management Consultants, Incorporated), had humble beginnings. It was incorporated on November 19, 1956 with P112,500 in registered capital. It operated out of a single room in Room 516 at the Roman Santos Building, Plaza Goiti, Sta. Cruz, Binondo, Manila.



The PHINMA Group's Mission is to help build our Nation through competitive and well-managed business enterprises that enable Filipinos to attain a better quality of life. With professional and effective management as our distinctive edge, we aim to give communities, not only in the Philippines but wherever else we might find the need, improved access to the essentials of a dignified life.

In the pursuit of our Mission, we look to our tradition, our experience, our reputation, and above all, our people, as the principal factors that will enable us to achieve our lofty goals.

The PHINMA Group will demonstrate that private business can mutually serve the needs of society and the aspirations of shareholders.





We conduct ourselves in an honest, ethical, and transparent manner. We always seem to do what is right, even in the face of adversity and uncertainty. We do not tolerate fraud in all its forms, including corruption, bribery, and abuse. We do what we say we will do and we accept full responsibility for our decisions and actions.



We proudly express our love for the Philippines through active participation in Nation-building, respect for and adherence to its laws and regulations, commitment to protect the environment, and an unflinching belief in the skill, spirit, and resiliency of Filipinos as a people and as world-class professionals.



We are driven to excel in our chosen fields and to always add value by performing our duties and functions efficiently, effectively, and to the best of our abilities. we constantly look for and seize opportunities to grow, improve, innovate, and ultimately become better, more productive members of our organization and of society.



We deliver the results expected of us by understanding and giving importance to the requirements of our customers and stakeholders. We foster a positive work environment by treating everyone with utmost respect and and welcoming different viewpoints that allow us to create better ideas, products, and services.



Philippine Investment Management (PHINMA), Inc., the parent company of PHINMA Corporation, is a private holding company which was established on November 19, 1956. The three founders of PHINMA, Ambassador Ramon V. del Rosario, Sr., Don Filemon C. Rodriguez, and Ernesto O. Escaler, had different backgrounds, inclinations and personalities. When they operated together, however, there was synergy.

PHINMA, Inc. was born at a time when foreign nationals in the country and many Filipinos themselves could not believe that Filipinos were capable of managing large corporations professionally. Its first investment was the acquisition of the Cebu Portland Cement Plant in Bacnotan, La Union. After winning the bid for this cement plant, PHINMA investors established Bacnotan Cement Industries Inc. on March 12, 1957 to hold its investments in the cement industry. This later became Bacnotan Consolidated Industries Inc., and is now known as PHINMA Corporation.

Proceeding from the principle that private business has a distinctive role to play in the country’s development, its mission is to help build the nation through competitive and well-managed business enterprises that enable the Filipinos to attain a better quality of life. Now, PHINMA, Inc. is invested in affordable quality education, clean reliable energy, value-for-money urban housing, secure and reasonably priced lodging, and other services that provide Filipinos better access to the essentials of a dignified life.

Under a Management Contract, PHINMA, Inc. exercises general management authority over PHINMA Corporation with responsibility over personnel and operations, including planning, direction, and supervision of finance and other business activities. In addition to being the holding company of PHINMA Corporation, PHINMA, Inc. also has direct equity investments and management control in various investee companies as shown in the investment chart.

The success of the various business interests of PHINMA is a living testimony that corporate social responsibility can be integrated into the core strategy of the business. At PHINMA, its business is its CSR and its CSR is its business.

PHINMA, Inc. Board of Directors and Management



1. Mr. Oscar J. Hilado
2. Mr. Ramon R. del Rosario, Jr.
3. Dr. Magdaleno B. Albarracin, Jr.
4. Amb. Jose L. Cuisia, Jr.
5. Mr. Roberto M. Laviña
6. Mr. Victor J. del Rosario
7. Mr. Filomeno G. Francisco
8. Ms. Maria Teresa R.  Zeller
9. Dr. Edilberto C. de Jesus (Independent)
10. Mr. Dato Timothy Ong Teck Mong (Independent)
11. Mr. Guillermo D. Luchangco (Independent)


1. Mr. Oscar J. Hilado - Chairman of the Board
2. Dr. Magdaleno B. Albarracin, Jr. - Vice Chairman of the Board
3. Mr. Ramon R. del Rosario, Jr. - President and Chief Executive Officer
4. Dr. Chito B. Salazar, Jr. - Senior Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer and Head of Education
5. Mr. Eduardo A. Sahagun - Executive Vice President and Head of Construction Materials
6. Mr. Pythagoras L. Brion, Jr. - Group Chief Financial Officer
7. Mr. Jose Mari del Rosario - Senior Vice President and Head of Hospitality
8. Mr. Raphael B. Felix - Senior Vice President and Head of Properties
9. Ms. Regina B. Alvarez - Senior Vice President and Group Controller
10. Edmund Alan A. Qua Hiansen - Vice President and Deputy Group Chief Financial Officer
11. Atty. Troy A. Luna - Corporate Secretary
12. Ma. Concepcion Z. Sandoval - Assistant Corporate Secretary
13. Nanette P. Villalobos - Vice President and Treasurer
14. Danielle R. del Rosario - Vice President (seconded to CMG)
15. Karen H. Pacis -Vice President, Insurance
16. Rolando D. Soliven - Vice President, Corporate Governance and Data Protection Officer
17. Peter V. Perfecto - Vice President, Public Affairs
18. Grace M. Purisima - Assistant Treasurer

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Public Ownership Report
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