PHINMA honors individuals making lives better beyond work in Service Awards relaunch


PHINMA Corporation has brought back the Service Awards after eight years to honor individuals who have impacted their communities outside of work.

“The PHINMA Service Awards not only honor our employees, but also celebrate the spirit of service that defines our Company,” says Ramon R. del Rosario, Jr., PHINMA Chairman and CEO. He emphasized that these awards do not prioritize tenure but recognize individuals for their initiatives benefiting communities outside the workplace—whether through volunteerism, advocacy, or innovative problem-solving within the broader community.

PHINMA, together with PHINMA Foundation, recognized five individuals who have inspired others with their dedication to making lives better—celebrating the very spirit of service that defines our Company. This year’s awardees are Maribel Esguerra, Aida Santamaria, David John Cadiao, Jejomar Quiros, and Ron Ranier Reyes.

Esguerra, a scholar under the PHINMA National Scholarship (PNS), graduated cum laude with a bachelor’s degree in social science education from Philippine Normal University Manila. Also a part of PNS Batch 2023, she is now a college instructor and a Remote and Distance (RAD) Learning Program coordinator at PHINMA Saint Jude College – Manila. Meanwhile, Santamaria has served as a Big Sister to PNS scholars since 2008—all while serving PHINMA Corp. as Human Resources Manager for over two decades. Her 16-year mentorship saw the graduation of six PHINMA scholars.

Cadiao, born to a construction worker and a housewife, overcame financial obstacles to attend college. Through sponsorship, a scholarship, and side jobs, he earned a four-year degree, becoming the first in his family to do so. Now serving as the Senior High School Principal at PHINMA University of Pangasinan College Urdaneta, he actively contributes to society.

Inspired by the support he received, Cadiao joined the non-government organization Junior Chamber International in 2020—leveraging his leadership skills and educational background to initiate impactful projects as chairman. These include the LibLibrary Project, which establishes mini-libraries in underserved communities, the Youth Leadership Excellence Awards, recognizing outstanding student leaders, and Youth Leadership Trainings aimed at empowering youth to become leaders of tomorrow.

Quiros, presently the dean of the College of Allied Health Sciences at PHINMA Saint Jude College, is best known for his “Pamaskong Handog” initiative which distributes noche buena packs among poor families. He has been committed to uplifting children’s lives through the program, which he first started with his high school friends in Pangasinan back in 2012.

Being no stranger to loss himself, Quiros wanted to make children feel loved especially during the holiday season knowing how kids value this time of the year very much. Initially a personal outreach endeavor conducted yearly, this initiative has been embraced by schools and organizations associated with him. What began as a modest concept for aiding others has evolved into a steadfast annual tradition eagerly anticipated by many.

Reyes, PHINMA’s Public Affairs Manager, meanwhile has dedicated his time outside work to preparing future leaders from underserved communities. In 2018, he co-founded non-profit organization Hirayang Kabataan with four fellow like-minded, young professionals with different backgrounds.

Reyes’ communications and project management background helped him professionalize public service particularly through this NGO, which provides learning opportunities and development workshops to those who want to serve, particularly those residing in rural areas. These include out-of-school youth, members of student councils and organizations, or youth who eventually want to pursue careers in public service—and this support and assistance have been extended across different areas in the country.

This year’s PHINMA Service Awards marks the start of an annual recognition of stories like those of the awardees’ and their impact on all of our communities.

“In the past, the PHINMA Foundation held their own event, the Making Lives Better Award, which recognized outstanding scholars. SBUs also held their own tenure-based service awards. While SBUs can continue to do this, the new PHINMA Service Awards will focus on celebrating individuals for their impact outside of work,” said Dr. Chito B. Salazar, PHINMA President and COO.