PHINMA Integrity Assurance Program

The Integrity Assurance Program embodies the PHINMA Group’s commitment to ethical business practices, good corporate governance, and social responsibility.

It ensures that the principle of integrity is concretely operationalized in the workplace, and is adhered to all by members of the organization.

The program is established to achieve the following:

  • Convey with resolve the PHINMA Group’s steadfast commitment to Integrity

  • Institutionalize the adoption of policies, programs and practices that will foster and sustain an ethical business environment

  • Comply with relevant regulatory requirements on transparency, good governance and ethical business practices



All PHINMA Member Companies are signatories to the Integrity Pledge, an anti-corruption and anti-bribery commitment initiated by the private sector through the Integrity Initiative, Inc..

Key vendors and business partners of PHINMA Member companies have also been encouraged to sign the Integrity Pledge as part of the PHINMA Vendor Integrity Program. To date, more than 200 vendors and business partners of the PHINMA Group have submitted their own signed Integrity Pledge as a result of this program.


A key component of the Integrity Assurance Program is the adoption of a formal Code of Business Conduct for all its member companies. This Code has been formally disseminated and discussed with all officers and employees within the Group through interactive roadshows and in the orientation for new employees. In this regard, all officers and employees submit annual, mandatory disclosures, through an online facility or a manually submitted form.


A whistle blower hotline has been set up for all PHINMA Member Companies. These hotlines are monitored 24/7 and received by both the Integrity Officer and the Head of Group Internal Audit. Since its inception in 2015, various reports ranging from misconduct to fraud have been submitted by identified whistle blowers and received through email or text (0917-1PHINMA). These reports have been given due attention by the Integrity Officers and investigated with the support of PHINMA Group Internal Audit. A few unfortunate cases have led to dismissals and
disciplinary action.

In addition, a secure web-based whistleblowing report facility managed by a third party, known as ProActive Hotline, was made available last June 2021. The ProActive Hotline gives the employees more flexibility to choose where they would like to submit their report and track its status conveniently.


Through Values in Practice Talks, the Integrity Assurance Program aims to bring closer the management to the Group’s employees by inviting PHINMA Leaders and guest speakers to speak once every quarter to share their wisdom, and discuss their experiences as they live through PHINMA’s Core Values of Integrity, Patriotism, Competence, and Professionalism.


The Values Summit brings together various key stakeholders to highlight the Group’s progress on its Integrity Assurance Program and renew its commitment to the PHINMA Core Values.