PHINMA’s unwavering dedication to the mission of Making Lives Better for Filipino families and communities remains steadfast. Through the PHINMA Foundation and our strategic business units (SBUs), we aim to share and extend this mission through community service and volunteer engagement. By synergizing our efforts and resources, we strive to amplify the reach and effectiveness of our programs, driving positive change to communities and sectors where we have significant presence.

The PHINMA Foundation, Inc. (PFI) was established on June 23, 1989. PFI is one with the PHINMA Group in its mission to make lives better by effectively harnessing PHINMA’s resources to create a culture of service to the community and to provide opportunities for Filipinos to access the essentials of a dignified life.

Guided by our Core Values, the PHINMA Foundation, Inc. aims to mold future leaders of our country, make lives better by providing education and leadership programs to our scholars, create meaningful and purpose-driven change in the lives of Filipino families and communities, and open up volunteer opportunities to our employees and their families. We have pursued these by consistently leveraging our resources, partnering with PHINMA’s strategic business units, and capitalizing on the skills and talents of our PHINMA National Scholarship (PNS) alumni and volunteer Big Brothers and Big Sisters.

PFI prioritizes support for education programs, while also supporting projects that aim to preserve our culture, promote our values and spirituality, and protect the environment. The flagship program of the Foundation is the PNS, which was established in 2006 when the Company celebrated its 50th anniversary. By providing scholarship, mentorship, and leadership opportunities for the youth, PNS commits itself to nation-building by forming the next generation of leaders. The program has since produced hundreds of graduates in the fields of education, accountancy, and engineering. PFI also continued extending opportunities to qualified, deserving, and talented but financially challenged students to obtain quality education through our Science and Engineering Education Fund (SEEF) grant. Through the years, we have partnered with eleven (11) regional science and Philippine Science high schools and eight (8) universities covering 10 geographic regions in the Philippines.

PHINMA Foundation is committed to providing opportunities for its employees at all levels to join this effort in their personal capacity. In so doing, the employees cultivate Individual Social Responsibility (ISR), and develop the culture of volunteerism and sustainability within the company. Each company will actively organize and pursue opportunities for employees to make personal contributions of their time and talent through the company-led CSR projects, and through the PHINMA Hero in coordination with the PHINMA CSR and HR Councils. The HERO Program encourages PHINMA employees to volunteer and reach out to local communities through socially relevant programs. The HERO Network continues to work towards achieving 100% volunteer participation within the PHINMA Group.

PHINMA Foundation Inc., gives out financial assistance to various causes. PFI builds on existing partners, successful community collaborations and supporting those that do things right in response to Hunger and Poverty, Youth Empowerment and Culture and Arts Promotion.

PHINMA Foundation, Inc: